Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Doll House Number One.

When I had my oldest child, I joined a mums group through our local hospital.  Almost 4 years on and we are still meeting on a weekly basis for a coffee and a chat whilst the kids have a play.  The only problem with joining a mums group is that the kids birthday's are all within a couple of months of each other.  This year I wanted to be organised so I started planning early as I wanted to make each of them something special.  I searched the Internet for inspiration, (which I do quite often) and stumbled across this tutorial for a fabric doll house.  I decided this would be the perfect gift for the four girls in the group.

Here is what I came up with for the first doll house.  There are a few things I need to tweak in the future but overall I think it's pretty cute and the birthday girl loved it.

Here it is opened up complete with felt path and pond in the yard.  The little people I was able to get from my sisters friend and I think they just finish it off, although they are not the easiest things to paint!

I thought the walls needed something so I used some felt to add a fireplace, chair and lamp.  I have good intentions of stitching these on but I just ran out of time so grabbed my hot glue gun to keep them in place.

What does every doll house need?  A flat screen T.V of course and a light in the roof to brighten things up!

Mr. J liked this so much, he wants one for himself.  He's the last of the kids to have their birthday so I might have time to make one for him and perhaps his little sister might get one for her birthday too.

Happy crafting!

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