About Us

We are three sisters who love handmade but wish we lived a little closer to each other so we could share our passion.  That's why we've started this blog.  It gives us a way to share with each other and the rest of the world our crafty endeavors.

As children, we were lucky enough to grow up in a house where DIY and craft were just part of everyday life.  Dad was always in his shed working on one thing or another and mum was often found in front of her sewing machine or creating another amazing project at the kitchen table.

Growing up, there was no shortage of opportunities to develop our own creativity.  Dad's shed provided hours of fun when we were kids.  There was always an endless supply of tools and materials to turn into our next creation.

Mum taught all of us, including our two brothers to sew from an early age.  We all started hand sewing and then moved onto using her machine once we were old enough.  Mum also taught us how to cook and gave us endless opportunities to explore our creative side by providing us with craft materials of many different sorts.

Mum and dad were and still are a great source of inspiration and advice for us.  Even now, when we are working on a project, we will often give them a call if we need another opinion or a helping hand.

Our childhood is obviously the reason we love being creative as adults.  Having our own families and for the most part being stay at home mums, has given us the opportunity to once again dig up those skills we learnt and not only put them to use, but pass them onto our own children.

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