Friday, 10 January 2014

My 'Not a New Years resolution'

Well they say, New Years resolutions don't last so this isn't going to be one hehe, however I do want to set myself some goals for the new year, so here goes.

Firstly, whilst I can't quite bring myself to delete my Facebook account (I truly am worried I will discover I have no real friends if I do hehe) I am refusing to install it on my new phone, surely I can live without it when I am not at home, I may even remove it from my iPad to reduce my wasted time on there.

I also plan on getting my life more organised, this last year with a new baby has taken more out of me than I care to admit and I feel like I have been doing just enough to get through the days, I feel like a fog is lifting (how cliche of me), I really feel motivated to get my life back on track and find some peace.

As part of this new found organisation, I also want to continue my new found opportunity of cake decorating and try and turn it into a part-time income.  I want to explore more baking in general and ensure it is time I can share with my children.

Lastly I am setting myself some sewing goals.  this year I want to commit to making 15 things.  This may not seems like a lot but for me it is, just over one a month is a realistic goal, anything more and I set myself up for failure.

So for now these are my goals, they may change or grow as the year progresses but this is my starting point and I hope to share them all with you.

Happy New Year
(Hoping to be the Non-procrastinator from now on)

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