Monday, 25 June 2012

DIY Lightsaber - A Simple Tutorial

My son is into pretend play at the moment, he can't seem to get enough of it.  He is constantly pretending to be different characters (mostly of the superhero variety) and I have to join in most of the time whether I like it or not!

The other day, he decided he wanted a lightsaber to play with.  Don't ask me where that came from as he has never seen 'Star Wars' but with the amount of advertising around these days, he's obviously picked it up from somewhere.  I love that my son thinks I can make anything in the world but sometimes he really tests me.  I thought about this one for a little while and came up with this.

Take a small torch and wrap strong, clear plastic vinyl around it and stick it on with masking tape.  (You can skip this step but I wanted the lightsaber to last more than just a few hours.)

You then need to wrap a few layers of baking paper around that and tape it down.  Make sure you fold the ends over at the top otherwise the torch light will shine too brightly out there.

Give the lightsaber to your favorite little 'Jedi' and watch them have hours of fun.  The best thing about this is that the plastic and baking paper is quite soft, so if they do happen to hit something or someone with it, it shouldn't do too much damage.

Happy crafting!

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