Monday, 24 September 2012

Family Sunday

On Sunday, Mr. D and I decided to go for a short drive to the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens.  I had heard the playground there was fantastic since a recent redevelopment and I wanted to have a look and check it out for myself.  I must say, I was more than a little impressed.  My phone photo's don't do it justice and they only show a few things on offer.  However, we will definitely be heading back there soon once this Spring weather decides to stay around for a bit longer.

I love the wooden carriages on the train.

Tree trunk stepping stones, what a great idea.

A fantastic cubby with it's own garden.

Perfect for playing shops.
Swinging together.

A quiet lunch before some exploring around the gardens.

Searching for Fairy houses.

Quiet creek running along the back of the gardens.

A trip to the park wouldn't be complete without throwing some rocks into the water.

Everyone had a great day and we finished it off with some delicious afternoon tea at Skydancers Garden, Gift and Cafe.  We will be doing this again soon, I'm sure.

Happy Crafting!

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