Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

My baby turned 2 last week.  I can't believe it!

This beautiful baby girl is now full of personality, knows what she wants and look out world if she gets hungry!  She also has a head full of beautiful blonde curls, who would have thought?

I wasn't planning on a party this year for miss E, but after being invited to all the 4 year old parties in our mums group, she had her mind set on a party of her own.  And not just any party.  She was set on a rainbow party.  Honestly, what 2 year old decides the theme of their party? Mr J certainly didn't do this, perhaps it's a girl thing.

We decided to keep the party small and not too much fuss but I made sure I threw a few rainbow things to keep her happy.  We had strings of rainbow balloons up around the house and a table decked out with some rainbow food.

The rainbow plate of fruit was a must.  Too much sugar for two year olds is not a good thing!

A few sticks painted in rainbow colors to add some height.  These were the most talked about thing at the party.

Rainbow jelly made a huge impact on the table and the m & m's were a hit.  Yes, I did sort them into colors!

You can't have a rainbow party without rainbow fairy bread.

And of course, a rainbow party wouldn't be complete without a rainbow cake.

We have also had a Ben 10 party here recently and there will be a blog post to come on that soon.

Happy Crafting!

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